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Are You Using These Buzzwords to Find More Opportunities in Q4 2022?

A simple way to get ahead of your competitors is to know what buzzwords are currently of interest to federal government decision-makers. Take a look at what top buzzwords are hitting the federal market in Q4 2022.

  1. AI Machine Learning — As AI technology continues to improve, more federal contract opportunities surrounding AI machine learning are on the rise. To view current AI machine learning opportunities, click here.

  2. Avionics — Federal contract opportunities related to avionics are also increasing in Q3. To view current avionics opportunities, click here.

  3. Cybersecurity — As the federal government faces IT staffing shortages, cybersecurity federal contract opportunities are on the rise. To view current cybersecurity opportunities, click here.

  4. Hypersonics — Q3 is seeing an increase in federal contract opportunities surrounding hypersonics as fears of an arms race between the U.S., Russia and China grow. To view current hypersonics opportunities, click here.

  5. Joint Light Tactical Vehicles — Joint Light Tactical Vehicles are appearing in more and more federal contracts in Q3. To view current Joint Light Tactical Vehicles opportunities, click here.

  6. Warfare Analyses — Current federal contract opportunities indicate that the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict has led to an increased need for warfare analyses. To view current warfare analysis opportunities, click here.

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