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Three Steps To Finding Your Next Contracting Opportunity

Finding federal contracts can seem like a daunting, time consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be. With GovTribe, identifying open contracting opportunities has never been easier.


Just log in to your GovTribe account and head to Federal Contract Opportunities. Then, filter your options to only show contracts due in the next 12 months. To see this process in action, check out the video above. 

GovTribe’s rich filtering capability allows you to zero-in on relevant opportunities by many characteristics, including:

  • NAICS and PSC codes
  • Federal Agency
  • Set-asides
  • Contracting Vehicles
  • Contracting Officer
  • And much more.

After you find an opportunity that fits your business, save your search for future use and receive scheduled notifications when new results are available.

Want more ways to get ahead of the federal market?

  • Start a free trial with GovTribe.
    GovTribe is a platform that pulls data from multiple federal government data sources and organizes it to provide actionable intelligence about federal contracts and grants. The only thing easier than finding federal contract opportunities with GovTribe is starting your free trial — which you can do right here.
  • Sign up to receive the Monthly Opportunities Newsletter.
    Get access to top contracting opportunities before anyone else. We'll send these top 20 opportunities straight to your inbox at the start of each month so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the federal contracting market. All you have to do is sign up.
  • Take our free email course.
    The first step to winning more opportunities is knowing where to find them. Our two-week email course covers five unique ways to leverage IDIQs to increase revenue and corresponding federal opportunity data from the GovTribe platform. Start taking the course — and winning more bids — by signing up here.