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Top 5 Federal Cybersecurity Opportunities in November 2022

Every year, cybersecurity threats cost the U.S. billions of dollars. In the 2020 fiscal year alone, the federal budget for cybersecurity reached over $17.4 billion. As federal cybersecurity opportunities continue to surge, take a look at the top five federal cybersecurity opportunities in November 2022.

What are the top five federal cybersecurity opportunities in November 2022?

  1. Army Modernization Priorities MAC IDIQ
    ACC Aberdeen Proving Ground (DOD - Army - AMC - ACC)
  2. Cyber Center of Excellence IT, Engineering, and Services Support
    MICC Fort Eustis (DOD - Army - AMC - MICC)
  3. Zero Trust Gateway RFI
  4. Network Cyber and Cloud Support Services
    Office of Procurement Operations (DHS)
  5. A2 Cyber and Intel A&AS
    District Washington (DOD - USAF - HAF)

Where can contractors learn more about federal opportunities?

These opportunities were pulled from GovTribe, a platform that pulls data from multiple federal government data sources and organizes it to provide actionable intelligence about federal contracts and grants. Find opportunities, competitor data, and more when you start a GovTribe free trial today.

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All data was pulled from the GovTribe platform in November 2022.

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