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3 Tricks to Closing More B2G Contracts

Almost 30% of funding in the last year occurred under contracts that were not competed, according to a GovTribe report outlining all federal award funding for the past year. The truth is — government contracting can be a long, difficult-to-navigate process.

Luckily, there are a few tricks that make it easier.

  1. Know Your Opportunities

    The first trick to closing more B2G contracts is knowing where to find them. While staying on top of open contracts is important, you should also open yourself up to opportunities with grants, recompetes, IDIQs, and more.

    Putting yourself out there ahead of opportunities is also key. (Hint: you can claim your vendor profile on GovTribe to make buyers aware of your solution before an RFP is even released.)
  1. Know Your Industry

    The second trick to closing more B2G contracts is knowing your space. Conduct market research to identify top competitors, top agency buyers, vehicles, and more. Also, take advantage of new entrants reports to track new companies entering your market.

    Understanding your industry is key to defining your total addressable market and knowing which opportunities are worth going after.
  1. Know Your Players

    The third trick to closing more B2G contracts is probably the most important and the most underutilized — know who the relevant stakeholders are in a contract, how to contact them, and how to market to them. This is what makes the difference between aimlessly shooting your shot at opportunities and actually completing a B2G contract.

    Wondering where you can find all of this information? GovTribe just launched a revolutionary Personas feature, which offers enhanced contact information and market profiles for over one million government buyers and industry participants. This allows you to reach buyers before RFPs, discover exclusive industry insights, and then export customized contact lists.


Ready to Win More B2G Contracts?

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