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Easily Manage Your Pursuits from Start to Finish with Pipelines

Scoring a government contract is challenging — from finding the right opportunity that aligns with your offerings, to conducting meticulous research, navigating intricate bidding processes, and finally securing the win. And that’s just the process for a single contract. What do you do when you want to win government contracts consistently?

We asked ourselves that exact question and answered it with Pipelines, a feature on the GovTribe platform that makes it easy to manage all of your pursuits from start to finish. In one place, GovTribe offers everything you need to find, research, bid on, and win government contract opportunities. (No platform hopping necessary.) This empowers you to effortlessly streamline your capture management process, improving your chances of success in the competitive government contracting landscape.

Simplify your workflow

When you have numerous opportunities in play, it's crucial to have a centralized hub where you can track and manage all your efforts efficiently. That's where GovTribe's Pipelines feature shines, offering a solution that organizes all your pursuits together in one convenient location.

No more chasing updates from multiple sources or drowning in a sea of emails to monitor progress. Pipelines gives you instant visibility into the status of all your pursuits, allowing you to monitor pursuits, identify bottlenecks, and evaluate overall progress in real time.

There are also a lot of perks to managing opportunities in the same place you found them. One key advantage is that we’re able to seamlessly integrate all necessary data into your workflow. Everything you need to secure a pursuit is readily available at your fingertips, including opportunity details, stakeholder contact information, and pursuit value estimations.


Effortlessly collaborate with your team your workflow

The Pipelines feature also makes it easy to collaborate with your team, offering a transparent roadmap for every pursuit. In one place, you can effortlessly monitor pursuits, map out workflows, assign tasks, and track internal communication.

It’s also customizable to your particular needs. Streamline your workflow with ease no matter your organizational structure or preferences. You can categorize pursuits by industry, team member, lifecycle stage, or whatever criteria fits your needs the most.

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How to start using GovTribe Pipelines

  1. Find an Opportunity: Utilize GovTribe's extensive database to search for government contracts, grants, or potential recompetes that match your organization's expertise and goals.
  2. Start a Pursuit: Add the opportunity as a pursuit to begin collaborating with your team on the proposal process. Adding a pursuit from an opportunity within your workspace will automatically input key details such as opportunity name, description, POCs, and dates.
  3. Track Activities: Create and assign tasks within the pursuit workspace, ensuring accountability and progress tracking. Assign tasks such as market research, proposal drafting, or meeting scheduling to appropriate team members with set deadlines. As opportunities are updated, stay notified on government changes such as due dates, added files, and descriptions.
  4. Report Pipeline Status: Review progress by stage and understand key metrics such as capture rate and projected revenue.


For a visual walkthrough on building and filling your pipeline in GovTribe, check out the video below:


Easily manage your pursuits from start to finish

Pipelines is designed to streamline your workflows, improve team collaboration, and increase your win rate in the competitive GovCon landscape.

Ready to try it for yourself?

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