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Chat Your Way to the Perfect Contracting Strategy with AI Insights

Looking for a federal contracting cheat code? How about one that comes with partnering opportunities, insights on competitors, and industry trends? Meet AI Insights, your new personal assistant and best friend in the federal market. Think of it like a government contracting research analyst.

AI Insights helps answer all your questions by leveraging GovTribe’s extensive data and insights from analysts across GovExec’s media properties, including Defense One, NextGov/FCW, and Washington Technology.

It’s impressive as hell — and easy as typing. (Keep reading to see how this new feature can amplify and elevate your work while saving you time.)

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The Dilemma: Navigating the contracting maze

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Picture this: You've got to track down a specific opportunity, armed with only bits and pieces of info. The usual search routine? A wild goose chase through filters and keywords, hoping to stumble upon the right match. Or reaching out to analysts only to hear back a week or two later with incomplete information. It's not just a time suck; it's also a gamble on whether the results will be spot-on.

Enter AI Insights.

The Vision: Your contracting personal assistant

The vision for AI Insights was to harness the latest AI technology to create the dream contracting research analyst, ready to tackle any question you might have about government contracting and grant making. AI Insights is fueled by comprehensive government procurement and spend data as well as insights from analysts across GovExec’s media properties (Defense One, NextGov/FCW, and Washington Technology).

The endgame? A platform that's comprehensive, always up-to-date, and super user-friendly. We're talking about throwing away the old way of contracting and replacing it with a more efficient and intuitive approach to navigating the intricate world of government opportunities.

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Meet AI Insights

Enough backstory — here’s how AI Insights can help you. In summary — “The limit does not exist.” Our creative users are expanding the uses of this feature every day.

That being said, there are two major headaches AI Insights can cure for you.


First up, the pain of discovery. AI Insights makes GovTribe the quickest contract finder in the wild, wild west. Gone are the days of sifting through heaps of data, desperately hoping your chosen keywords hit the bullseye. Enter AI Insights, your language-savvy sidekick that effortlessly navigates the data jungle. No more frustration. Now, you can ask questions like, "Find me a list of 8(a) vendors with expertise in cybersecurity" and get results without breaking a sweat.

But that's not all.

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We've cracked the code on effortless research and analysis, too. AI Insights doesn't just sit on data; it transforms it into insights and predictions. Take the "likely bidders" feature, for instance. With the power to predict potential bidders on any given opportunity, we hand you a competitive edge. Understand your rivals, tailor your bid strategy, win. Simple as that.

(Plus, AI Insights can examine data and journalistic content to help you keep tabs on large government programs like CMMC to give you another leg up.)

Here are some other highlights:

    • Contract Predecessor Identification
      Instantly explore an opportunity's history. Find out immediately if it has a predecessor, simplifying background research and providing vital context for smarter decision-making.
    • Scope-of-Work Matching
      Boost your strategic position by identifying active contracts with similar scopes of work. It's your quick route to understanding the market landscape and positioning yourself effectively.
    • Vendor AI Summaries
      Gain valuable insights into vendors' capabilities based on their track record of awards in the past four years. (It's like having a tailored vendor encyclopedia for your success.)
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Enough talk — where is it?!

Glad you asked. To use AI Insights, simply click on "AI Insights" in the left panel of the GovTribe platform.

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Chat your way to the perfect contracting strategy

In short, GovTribe's AI Insights isn't just a feature; it's an exciting, time-saving revelation for anyone working with government opportunities. 

Ready to try it yourself?

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