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Say Hello to State & Local Opportunities

Since 2012, GovTribe has helped users win federal opportunities. Now, we're excited to expand our capabilities to state and local markets.

Starting April 4, 2024, state and local opportunity data across 22 states (with more to come) will be accessible as a subscription add-on to revolutionize your government contracting strategy.

What does this state and local expansion include?

  • Up-to-date state and local data
    Our real-time data provides a comprehensive view of opportunities across all industries in state and local markets. Easily explore contract details, awards, key contact profiles, and more. (Use AI Insights to simplify your search, understand complex contracts, identify trends, and so much more.)
  • Personalized UNSPSC and NIGP filters
    Want to find state and local opportunities that match your specific interests? No problem. Easily create and save custom search filters for your chosen UNSPSC and NIGP codes.
  • Buyer access
    Effortlessly discover and connect with relevant buyers associated with your potential opportunities.
  • Easy pipeline management
    Easily track and manage your state and local pursuits by adding them to your pipeline. (Read our pipelines blog to learn how to easily manage your pursuits from start to finish in the GovTribe platform.)

How do I get started?

Add our state and local features to your contracting strategy and prepare to unlock a whole new world of opportunities. Your next big win might just be in a state and local market, and with GovTribe, it might also just be a click away.

Get started here.