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Supercharge Your GovCon CRM

The federal government procurement process is famously difficult. In fact, 75% of the close to 1,500 government contracting firms reported a win rate of 50% or less in the 2021 GAUGE Report from Unanet and CohnReznick (available for free download here). The authors of that same report posit that the fix for a sagging win rate will probably be found “in a structured approach to business development in general and pursuit processes in particular.”

In other words — if you want to beat the slow and inefficient GovCon process, you need to supercharge your CRM. So, how do you do that?

In GovTribe’s recent webinar, “Supercharge Your GovCon CRM,” Executive Vice President, Nate Nash, and Head of Customer Success, Paige Elmore, answered that very question. And luckily, you can watch the webinar on-demand, whenever you’d like. Just register below for unlimited access to the webinar, plus exclusive recap report and a breakdown of other federal contracting resources at your disposal.


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