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4 Ways To Boost Your Federal Contracting Strategy in 2023

In a federal market that is constantly changing, the best contracting strategies are the calculated ones. These four approaches can help you develop a winning contracting strategy in 2023 and beyond.

Go after the right people
  • Use account-based marketing. Targeting the right audience by utilizing account-based marketing (ABM) strategies. Start by identifying your target accounts, and from there, develop thought leadership content and persona-based email campaigns to only target buyers at those agencies.
  • Don’t forget the data. Use GovTribe’s Personas feature to identify all of the data you’ll need when building your ABM campaign. Filter by job title or agency, and identify every opportunity a particular person is currently tied to.
Stay organized
  • Pursuits = happiness. Having one central place to keep track of all tasks, documents and data related to a bid will make your team more efficient and more likely to win. GovTribe’s pursuits feature lets you do just that, and includes opportunity updates as they’re made by the managing agency.
  • CRM, meet GovTribe. Keep all of the data you’ve collected for your ABM campaign organized in a customer relationship management (CRM) system. GovTribe creates a unique sticky URL for each pursuit that you create so you can easily link it to your CRM. To learn more about optimizing your CRM for the federal contracting space, check out our latest on-demand webinar, Supercharge Your GovCon CRM
Highlight your unique abilities
  • Stand out from the crowd. If you’re going after contracts in a specific NAICS or PSC category, chances are you share a lot of qualities with your top competitors. When you and ten other companies are offering the same service to an agency, your bid may be overlooked. That’s why it’s important to identify your key differentiators before an RFI is even issued. Then, make those key differentiators central to your marketing and thought leadership campaigns.
  • Keep your enemies closer. In order to ensure that your key differentiators are actually unique, you need to understand who you’re up against. Study your competitors using GovTribe’s vendor feature. In the vendor tab, you can view a company’s capability statement, SBA certifications, NAICS or PSC category, and net funding by agency. 
Get your teams out of silos
  • Teamwork makes the dream work. Get your business development and marketing teams together at the same table. Make sure all of your documents and materials are in one central location that is shared between teams. Get input from all teams when defining your key differentiators and encourage teams to check each other’s work.
  • Study your market. Hunting down and drawing conclusions from your own data is a great strategy, but sometimes it’s best to get a professional opinion. That’s where a partnership with a market research firm like Market Connections can come in handy. 

Developing the perfect contracting strategy is never easy. But with these tactical tips and GovTribe in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your P-Win in 2023.

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