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4 Ways to Win More Federal Contracts with GovTribe

The process of navigating government contracting can be tedious and confusing. Here are four ways you can simplify the bid process and increase your PWIN with GovTribe.

  1. Spend less time hunting for data

    GovTribe consolidates data from multiple government websites that you’re probably browsing every day. There’s no need to spend hours combing through the government sites that you frequent today, like,, and GovTribe categorizes and contextualizes that data for you.

    With over three million opportunities, over 70 million awards, and over two million contractor profiles, there is no shortage of valuable contracting information on GovTribe.

  2. Manage your strategy with just a few clicks

    With dozens of useful filtering options, GovTribe makes it easy to narrow down reports and tailor the platform to your needs. You can build and manage business development pipelines that are fully integrated with live-updating federal contract and grant opportunity information. 

    GovTribe’s powerful market research tools can also help you develop informed market entry and expansion strategies. Easily learn about your competitors or companies you want to model by researching important people, contracting vehicles, or other competitive intel for your market.

  3. Minimize communication mishaps within your team

    While GovTribe is a powerful research tool, it also serves as an all-in-one platform in which you and your team can collaborate. Unlike other project management tools, GovTribe was uniquely created to help people like you manage federal bid and grant application needs. 

    Teams can jointly manage their federal capture and bid management without dealing with multiple project management platforms. You can store all proposal-related documents in one platform and view custom pipeline analytics that help track your team’s performance.

  4. Accelerate your growth opportunities

    Put yourself out there and feature your own company’s profile on GovTribe. By putting your qualifications and capabilities on the platform, you’re putting yourself in front of possible teaming partners or strategic investors. 

    With GovTribe’s countless profiles on every federal contractor, you can also use the platform to find teaming partners. Use real past performance data to identify teaming partners for specific bid opportunities or for a general market segment.

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