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5 Steps to Winning Over Government Decision Makers

Unfortunately, federal contracting isn’t one-size-fits-all. Not knowing this, many federal contractors spend a lot of time reaching out to a lot of people who are not at all interested in their solution.

If that sounds like you, don’t worry.

There is a marketing strategy proven to help contractors win over more government decision makers, and it’s called account-based targeting. Account-based targeting is the process of leveraging data to create campaigns around the specific needs of a target account, and it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4, 5.

  1. Identify Target Account
    First, find out which account you want to target. This should be an account that is profitable yet attainable. When determining an account’s attainability, take into consideration its industry, location, and size. When determining an account’s profitability, take into account predicted profit margins and the chances of a repeat purchase.

    You also might want to rethink what a customer looks like to you. If you’re a larger company, you might want to go after primes, but if you’re a smaller company, you might want to pursue other avenues, like subcontracting. (Hint: take our free email course to learn about five different ways you can find more opportunities and win more revenue with federal IDIQs.)
  2. Research Pain Points
    Second, learn more about your target account. The main thing you want to look for is your target account’s biggest pain points. You can piece these together through information they provide themselves as well as historical and opportunity data from GovTribe.
  3. Build Campaign
    Third, build a campaign around your target account’s biggest pain points. Rather than promote yourself and your product, focus on what problems your target account has and how your product can solve them. Here are tips for building an account-based targeting campaign:
    • Contact the right person in your target account.
      Using a resource like Power Almanac can be helpful when searching for decision-maker contact information.
    • Use the best channel for your target account.
      Here is a list of channels to get you started:
      • Email
      • Social
      • Direct Mail
      • Phone
    • Provide personalized offers and experiences.
      Crafting a personalized offer or experience (e.g., personalized landing pages) is a great way to get a decision maker to take the next step. 
  4. Study Results
    Fourth, be honest about what works and what doesn’t. You can use your takeaways for your next account-based targeting campaign or a retargeting campaign if you decide to circle back to this account later.
  5. Repeat.
    Fifth, find your next target and start the process over again.

Ready to take account-based targeting to the next level?

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In a recent GovExec webinar, GovTribe Co-founder Nate Nash spoke with The Atlas Co-founder Elle Hempen about how federal contractors can accelerate growth and jump the line to earn a seat at the table with all of your top target accounts.

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