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5 Ways to Win More Revenue with Federal IDIQs

The first step to winning more opportunities is knowing where to find them.

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This two-week email course covers five unique ways to leverage IDIQs to increase revenue and corresponding federal opportunity data from the GovTribe platform.

In a sample of nearly 400 Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts across various agencies, industries, and set-asides, every single one had a shared ceiling greater than $40 million.

It goes without saying, IDIQs are great ways to grow revenue, either by winning primes or taking advantage of other opportunities that are less competitive. In this course, every lesson walks you through a different way you can use IDIQs to grow your revenue and provides a way for you to try the method out for yourself using exclusive GovTribe data, which includes over three million opportunities, over 70 million awards, and over two million contractor profiles.

This course includes:

  • 5 lessons on how federal contractors can increase revenue with IDIQs
  • 5 real-world applications using current and exclusive data from the GovTribe platform
  • 1 downloadable resource to help you step up your federal contracting strategy

Ready to start winning more revenue with IDIQs?