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How GovTribe AI Recommends Contract Opportunities

The key to staying ahead in the competitive federal contracting space is going after the right contract opportunities — and GovTribe utilizes AI to help you do that.

When you join GovTribe, you automatically receive personalized federal contract suggestions generated by deep learning technology. The algorithm is based on:

  • Your company’s attributes
  • Your company’s prime and subcontract award history
  • Your browsing behavior on GovTribe
  • The browsing behavior of other members of your team on GovTribe

You can view these recommendations in two places — your explore page and daily emails. The best part is that the opportunities get more personalized the more you engage with the platform. The more you and your team use the site to identify opportunities, the more accurately GovTribe can recommend opportunities for you.

And contract opportunities are just the beginning. GovTribe also recommends awards, competitors, key contacts, and much more data that might interest you.

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